About Us

The winery was founded by Constante Dardanelli in 1949. Some years later his first son Dino Dardanelli developed a new way of wine production, sharing the business with his brothers and sisters. He created a family business where the second, third and fourth generation work together.

In 1949 the Dardanelli’s  siblings moved the winery to Camino de los Molinos, where we are today.

As a family tradition we continue producing the Rosé wine, made from Moscatel de Hamburgo grape, which is very common in Uruguay. A few years ago we started the production of fine wine which leaded us to enter into new markets.

Uruguay is the main Tannat producer and the first country to develop wines made of 100% Tannat grape. This variety represents Uruguay worldwide. Because of this, we focus on this variety of wine, which can be found in all of our lines, having each one his own expression.

All our grapes comes from the well-known region of Las Violetas, Canelones, one of the largest region in Uruguay.